Poem of the Pond

An Allegorical Series of Sculptures in Patinaed Bronze


© 2007, 2010 by David Soderberg




Poem of the Pond is an evolving series of patinaed figurative bronze sculptures that capture the wonder of a pond discovered by a girl and her horse. 


Taken together, the series of sculptures comprise a story of an inward, emotional journey.



We feel captivated by the girl’s exuberance of spirit and quiet longing of the heart.  We feel awed by the horse’s precisely controlled power and extraordinary beauty.  Deep trust bonds the girl and her horse as they explore the mystery and challenge of the pond together.



Each “stanza” of this Poem is a separately numbered edition that invites the viewer to see or hear what is not explicitly shown:


·        The Pond  ed.36    We imagine the cool water of the pond and the small inhabitants like turtles and minnows that the girl discovers beneath its shimmering surface.


·        Sounds of the Pond  ed.75   We imagine both the water of the pond and the sounds of life around it like the rustling breeze in the bulrushes, the chirp of birds, the buzz of insects, the flick of the horse’s tail.  While one might see the girl and her horse as entering the pond, another might see the pair as rising up after their wading adventure.


·        Invitation to the Pond   ed.75  The girl invites the newborn foal to experience the shallows of the pond she loves.  Legs askew, hooves pressed gingerly into the soft, cool mud beneath the shallow water, the newborn examines the miracle of water offered in the girl’s cupped hands.  We are invited to imagine the great adventures and the moments of intense discovery, such as this one, that lie ahead of them through all the years.  Their unbreakable bond of trust is mirrored by this gentle bronze.


·        Additional sculptures--“stanzas” are planned, as Mr. Soderberg creates additional windows into this unfolding story of adventure, excitement, trust, power, and grace. 



Some collectors see a deeper level of meaning in these powerful sculptures, a Poem that probes to the heart of an emotional journey of self-discovery, trust and confidence:


In childhood, the little girl splashes joyously in the safe shallows, unaware of life’s depths that extend beyond her power to see or grasp. 


In youth, she boldly gallops through life to plunge cautiously into the mystery of adolescence. 


In budding womanhood, the private counsels of her heart invite her to listen to the rhythms of nature to hear the sounds of life that surround and uplift her. 


Drifting through a still, quiet surface of calm reflection, she reaches deeper to discover the magnificence of life’s miraculous meaning within her and all around her. 




This sculptural allegory is also a Poem about a great friendship.  At every stanza, both in her dreams and in actuality, she is uplifted by her awareness of the generous spirit and total trust of her magnificent horse.




As a universal statement of self-discovery, this multi-faceted Poem humbly illumines the epic journey of understanding, trust, and imagination that we all, in some way, pursue.